Salvation Army - Chattanooga, TN


Echelon is a community of young professionals engaged in networking, events, fundraising and service projects to benefit The Salvation Army. Whether it’s serving a meal, distributing Angel Tree gifts, ringing bells or hosting a fundraiser to support a life-changing program, Echelon members are serving together and making a real difference. JOIN US!

Board Members

Tripp Thurston
Caroline Carlin
Executive Vice President
Ryan Marshall
John Baker
Brendan Hawk
Co-Chair of Membership
David Burke
Co-Chair of Membership
Melissa Guth
Co-Chair of Communications
Alissa Miller
Service Chair
Michael Henry
Co-Chair Social Media
D’Andre Anderson
Co-Chair Social Media
Lt. James Harvin
Echelon Officer
Oliva Ruiz
Staff Liaison


Echelon members receive a wide array of opportunities to participate in local events and service projects that support The Salvation Army.

Membership benefits include:

Dues for Chattanooga Echelon are $10 per month or $120 per year for individuals, $15 per month or $180 per year for couples.

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