Salvation Army - Chattanooga, TN

Summer Camp

"The purpose of The Salvation Army's camping ministry is to help each individual grow physically, socially, educationally and spiritually. Kids of all ages learn about each other, nature and most importantly, a loving God!"

Imagine what a week at summer camp could do for an underprivileged or at-risk child. Or a troubled youth who's never known life away from the streets. The camping experience is more than just a pleasant vacation. For a child, a week at a Salvation Army summer camp can be life-changing. Children learn new skills and self-reliance; trained counselors who understand their emotional needs and problems help them mature. The Salvation Army's Camp Paradise Valley offers a place where eyes are opened, lives are enriched and souls are nurtured. Even the change of environment provides unforgettable experiences and newfound hope.

Each child is special and unique. That's why a powerful sense of spirituality, motivated by the love of God, pervades all that is offered and taught, and why we strive to make their experience at Camp Paradise Valley something each child will remember, treasure and reflect upon throughout his or her entire life. That's what camp is about.

For more than 100 years, The Salvation Army has recognized the restorative power of nature. It has witnessed the difference it can make in people's lives. There are more than 50 Salvation Army Camps throughout the United States. The Salvation Army Camps are attended by more than 100,000 persons of all ages, races and socioeconomic levels each year. The camps are conducted by a competent staff of dedicated Christians who serve together throughout the summer and are committed to making the camping experience special for each individual.

Salvation Army Summer Camp PSA