Salvation Army - Chattanooga, TN

Church Programs

Worship Services

Having originated as an outgrowth of the Methodist tradition, The Salvation Army is a mainstream Christian church. Its traditional worship services, which center on the love, grace and forgiveness of God through the redemptive power of Jesus Christ, are noted by the inspirational brass instruments that often accompany the music.

The Salvation Army's worship services are open to all. You are invited to join us for worship at one of our 4 area sanctuaries.

Sunday at 10:15 am 614 Corps 
800 McCallie Avenue
Chattanooga, TN
Located at the ReCreate Café
Sunday at 11 am Citadel Corps 
1019 North Moore Road
Chattanooga, TN
Across from Brainerd High School
Sunday at 11:15 am East Lake Corps 
2140 East 28th Street
Chattanooga, TN
At the corner of 28th St. and 4th Ave.
Sunday at 11 am Cleveland Corps 
437 Inman Street
Cleveland, TN
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Pastoral Care and Visitation

Salvation Army officers and church members spend a significant amount of time visiting shut-ins and those in nursing homes and hospitals. The uplifting visits help provide hope and encouragement to those who are lonely and hurting.

Often gifts such as calendars, socks, hygiene kits and coffee cups are presented to the elderly. Stuffed animals are given to both children and elderly individuals. Salvation Army officers are available to pray with people and provide spiritual counseling upon request.

The Salvation Army welcomes requests from the community to suggest visitation for specific individuals.

Relationship Counseling

The Salvation Army believes that the family is the core unit of our society. To help build and maintain strong family relationships, The Salvation Army provides both premarital and marital counseling upon request.

Premarital counseling sessions center on topics such as budgeting and finances, conflict resolution, planning for children, wedding planning, relationships with future in-laws and the spiritual life of the couple and family.