Salvation Army - Chattanooga, TN

Disaster Services

The Salvation Army is one of the nation's largest federally recognized emergency disaster services agencies, providing relief to 1-2 million disaster survivors and first responders each year in the United States. The Salvation Army is one of the first agencies to respond when disaster strikes. The Army provides relief services to communities affected by both natural and man-made disasters until the service is no longer needed. Officers and volunteers are trained to meet needs by providing food, shelter, clothing and spiritual comfort. Mobile kitchens are familiar sights to firemen, policemen and victims alike.

The Salvation Army's primary goals are to offer:

All Salvation Army disaster response services are managed locally, by people who live and work in the communities they serve. In the Tennessee Valley, the Army maintains a mobile kitchen, or canteen, to provide meals, hydration and comfort for disaster victims and relief workers. In addition, the Army furnishes clean-up kits, food, bottled water and various donated goods. Long-term recovery and rebuilding are a major part of efforts to make communities whole again following a significant disaster.

In addition to domestic relief work, humanitarian aid following international disasters is provided by The Salvation Army in the impacted country or through The Salvation Army World Service Office (SAWSO).

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